Rumble at 18 Road

Marina Lepikhina’s impressions on her first race of the season of the season last month in Fruita.  When we asked where her podium picture was  she told us that she’d didn’t think to ask anyone to take one because she wasn’t used to being there.  Nice job Marina! We’re certain there will be more podiums for you this year.   ~Tough Girl CB.

I had very low expectations for me for this race. Last year when I was finishing up they were cleaning up the venue. But things changed since last year, I’ve been training, I have my awesome racing machine – Scott Scale 29er.

While we were driving to Fruita (I was with Ann Trombley, my daughter and her friend), we talked about goal for the race for all of us. I said I think I can do it, I think I can win, and interestingly enough, I believe it too.

We prerode the course, 1/3 of the lap is on roads, 1/3 single track, and then part that I can’t ride (yet!). If I want to be on a podium I should work very hard on those roads.

The race day – the weather is fine, no wind. I cheered for my daughter while she was racing with boys and then it was my turn at the start line.
We started fast, after about a mile Lauren Constantini and I opened a gap on the rest of the group, we stayed together till Shots and Ladders, and then I lost her there (I knew I would). I could still see her and roll her in on the second lap, on roads and the twisty single track, but got stuck again on “ladders”. Need to work on my technical skills!

I finished second, I was happy.