Aimee Ross

Aimee CO Trail

HOMETOWN: Cheboygan, Michigan

ABOUT:  Born and raised in Michigan I fled in my mid-twenties for the west coast and haven’t looked back. I spent 8 years living in Southern California until I met my husband Nat (a Colorado native) who convinced me that Colorado was the place to be. Happy married for almost 3 years with a new pup and a life full of bicycles. I’ve worked in the cycling industry for almost 10 years so bikes are kinda my thing. Just really recently got into racing while living in Colorado and man is it competitive here. I enjoy meeting new people and equally enjoy my down time.


MOST MEMORABLE NON RACE BIKE MOMENT:  The time I sold my Yeti via Facebook mid-ride in the Colorado back-country.

FAV TO-DOs SANS BIKE:  Running, yoga, playing with my dog, reading, and hanging out with my husband.

TWITTER: I’m a Facebooker!

RANDOM RAMBLINGS: I keep myself really busy; probably to busy. I coach a high school mountain bike team as well as being an active board member for the Colorado High School Cycling league. I try to train and race as often as possible all the while working full time for IMBA and trying to spend time with my husband and dog.

2015 DISCIPLINES:  XC MTB, Enduro and thinking about Cross


FAVS: Both my Juliana bikes, my new niece and finding good new restaurants.