Jennifer Tilley

Enduro-X-8-17-14-179-780x520HOMETOWN:  Harrisburg, PA

ABOUT: I grew up on the east coast, and went to college at KU. I started riding bikes on the collegiate cycling club and worked at a bike shop through college. I raced road mostly then transitioned to all mountain. I moved to Boulder in 2007, then again to Carbondale, CO where I now live with my husband and ride bikes!


MOST MEMORABLE NON RACE BIKE MOMENT:  winning in a ice skating competition against my older sister. Happened only once, but it was awesome!

FAV TO-DOs SANS BIKE:  running, skiing, being outside doing almost anything actually 🙂 and Crossfit

TWITTER: sometimes

RANDOM RAMBLINGS: I was a figure skater in my past life, but I found this has not really helped me in cycling much- although if I could figure out how to do a triple sow cow on a bike that would be sweet…

DISCIPLINES:  cyclocross, endurance mtb, enduro

CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES: not sure I have won any champ titles, but I have tried a bunch 🙂 I did get third last season in my first ever enduro in the pro women’s field. I’m most proud of that one!

FAVS: being on my bike!! And sea salt caramel gelato 😀 and perhaps some chocolate any things…