Melissa Marts

Melissa MartsHOMETOWN: Nederland, CO (Home of the Frozen Dead Guy)

ABOUT: I grew up participating in sports (skiing, running, etc.), but I always dreaded the race (even if I was excited after I was done). Cycling, which I started doing competitively in college, was the first sport in which I was truly excited to race. Being on the bike is the only time I am able to truly leave the world behind and just enjoy what I am doing at that moment.

Cycling also allows me to enjoy my favorite things in life: being outside, being active, and eating! Plus – it’s how I met my wonderful husband Zak and many of my amazing friends.

MOST MEMORABLE NON RACE BIKE MOMENT:  The first time I went to Moab in high school (as part of a class!) with Ian MacGregor and Michael Buell and they made me ride the scary stuff.

FAV TO-DOs SANS BIKE:  rafting, skiing, being nerdy


RANDOM RAMBLINGS:  Does this bike make my a$$ look fast?